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Rare Blue Lotus Mist

Rare Blue Lotus Mist

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The rare blue lotus flower Face & Body Mist

Stress and Anxiety Relief: Nervines are often used to promote relaxation and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy Delight: Immerse yourself in the delicate, calming aroma of the blue lotus. Its subtle sweetness is known to promote relaxation and evoke a sense of serenity.

Ritualistic Enhancement: Elevate your self-care rituals by incorporating the blue lotus mist. Spritz it before meditation or yoga to create a tranquil atmosphere.

How to use

Facial Toner: Blue lotus hydrosol's mild astringent properties make it a refreshing toner after cleansing. It helps balance the skin's pH and minimize the appearance of pores. Simply dampen a cotton pad and gently sweep it across your face, avoiding the eye area.

Soothing Mist: During the day, spritz blue lotus hydrosol onto your face and neck for a hydrating and refreshing boost. Its calming aroma can help ease stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Calming Bath Ritual: Add a few tablespoons of blue lotus hydrosol to your bathwater to create a relaxing and spa-like experience. The floral aroma and gentle properties can soothe the mind and body.

Hair Care: Blue lotus hydrosol can be a wonderful addition to your hair care routine. Dilute it with water and use it as a hair mist or scalp refresher. Its calming properties may help soothe an irritated scalp and promote a sense of relaxation.
Linen Spray: Spritz blue lotus hydrosol on your pillows or bedding before sleep. The calming aroma can create a tranquil atmosphere and promote restful sleep.


Beyond the Physical:

The blue lotus flower has been associated with spiritual awakening and higher consciousness in various cultures. Using the Rare Blue Lotus Mist can be a way to connect with these symbolic meanings and create a sense of inner peace.

Nervines like blue lotus offer a natural approach to supporting a healthy nervous system. They can promote relaxation, improve sleep quality, alleviate anxiety, and contribute to a general sense of well-being.

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