Step into the Wonderful World of Au Naturel, where botanical secrets unfold. Embark on a captivating exploration with our unique collection of natural body care, skincare, and wellness products. Au Naturel sn't just skincare; it's an invitation to awaken your senses, a journey of transformation, where each creation is an invitation to uplift your spirit, and to reconnect with the wisdom of your body.

Our Brand Values 

Immersed in the vibrant heart of nature, we are devoted to providing the freshest botanical bounty. Sourced primarily from native communities and small farms in rainforest lands and beyond, most of our ingredients are ethically wildcrafted or cultivated following sustainable practices. We forge direct relationships with our producers, building trust and ensuring the highest quality ingredients reach you.

Our mission: bridge the wisdom of traditional medicine with the modern world, embracing the magic of ancient botany and herbal remedies. We champion fair trade principles, ethical wildcrafting, and herbal education, empowering small economies and grassroots businesses. Every ingredient is meticulously harvested, dried, and packaged to our exacting standards, with a commitment to sustainable and ethical packaging choices.

Beyond certifications, we value genuine connections with farmers dedicated to preserving the planet. In rainforest regions, many lack the resources for formal certifications. These are the individuals we seek - stewards of the land who prioritize its well-being.

We support them directly, ensuring both environmental and economic sustainability. This is our passion. This is who we are: cultivating a brighter future for people and planet, one potent plant at a time.

Our formulations are carefully crafted with a selection of rare and precious botanicals, vibrant fresh flowers, powerful healing herbs, beneficial medicinal mushrooms, and rejuvenating marine extracts. Experience the harmonious blend of these botanical wonders, creating a truly transformative and holistic self-care experience.



Look Good  Do Good Feel Good  

Au Naturel: A Family Affair of Passion and Quality

Our family-owned and operated business is based in India, and we source our certified organic herbs and wild harvested plants from the finest ethical suppliers.
Our products are made in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility, and we lab test them for purity and efficiency.

We also clinically test our products for sensitive, reactive skin.

We are committed to following the highest manufacturing standards, and we take pride in our products. We believe that our community fair trade values, our knowledge, and our passion set us apart from other skincare brands. 


 Mothers & Daughters , A legacy of Love
From Handcrafted Beginnings to Modern Alchemy:

Au Naturèl Alchemy, echoing both our family heritage and the transformative power of nature's potent botanicals, marks the next chapter in a journey that began with "Just B Au Naturèl." Driven by a shared passion for natural ingredients and their potential to enhance well-being, my mother and I yet again walk  this path together.

Just B Au Naturèl: A Seed of Inspiration:

Just B Au Naturèl sprouted from a desire to reconnect with the simple power of nature. We hand-crafted products using pure, organic ingredients. 

Evolving with Nature's Wisdom:

Over time, our understanding of skincare deepened. We recognized the need to embrace innovation while staying true to our natural roots. This journey of continuous learning has now  led to the birth of Au Naturèl Alchemy.


Beyond the Surface: Nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit:

Unlike many brands focused solely on surface-level results,
Au Naturèl Alchemy offers a holistic approach to well-being.
Our curated collection extends beyond skincare, encompassing products for your body, self-care rituals, and home, each drawing inspiration from nature's botanical bounty.

A Legacy of Love and Empowerment:

Au Naturèl Alchemy is more than just a brand; it is a testament to the enduring bond between mother and daughter. We are passionate about crafting products that not only nourish the skin but also nurture the spirit. We believe in empowering people to embrace their natural beauty and cultivate inner well-being through transformative self-care rituals and love. 

Join us on this journey of natural transformation, where science meets nature, tradition meets innovation, and self-care becomes a daily ritual.
Discover the transformative power of Au Naturèl Alchemy.