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Night-Blooming Jasmine Mist

Night-Blooming Jasmine Mist

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In India, the Night-Blooming Jasmine, known as "Mugra" or "Night Queen," is revered for its ability to uplift the spirit with its exotic sweetness. Its creamy white blooms adorn festive garlands, grace temple offerings, and even find their way above lovers' beds. This precious flower is believed to inspire confidence, optimism, and a sense of euphoria.

More than a mist, it's a transformative ritual:
Nourish and hydrate your skin.
Calm and soothe irritation.
Reduce redness and inflammation.

How to use

Ayurveda recognizes Jasmine oil as sweet, cooling, and "tridoshic," meaning it benefits all body types. Therapeutic applications include marma point therapy, where the oil is said to nourish tissues and strengthen the nervous system. Inhaled, Jasmine soothes the lungs, while massage with the oil brings relief to tired and achy bodies. It even acts as a gentle toner for irritated or reddened skin, promoting a fresh, glowing complexion. Recent studies have revealed Jasmine's aroma to have a stimulating effect on the mind, significantly enhancing mental alertness and joy.

The King of Scents: Jasmine sambac reigns supreme in the world of floral fragrances. Wearing it neat (undiluted) is an alluring experience, enveloping you and those around you in intoxicating well-being.

Beyond the Bottle: Jasmine offers a delightful addition to your diffuser. Seeking a joyful serenity? This flower fosters both calm and relaxation. Just a few drops can support healthy lungs, especially during times of physical or emotional difficulty.

Postpartum Pampering: For a spirit-lifting massage after childbirth, blend a few drops of Night-Blooming Jasmine with half an ounce of jojoba oil. This blend can also help maintain abdominal skin suppleness post-delivery.

Breathe Deep, Breathe New: Inhale Jasmine directly from your palms to aid the development of positive behavioral patterns. This technique can be particularly helpful when combined with visualization exercises.

Created for daily use by all skin types, especially those with sensitive or reactive skin.

Keep in the fridge for an even cooler spray.

Close your eyes and spray the mist all over and gently press onto the face area using light, even strokes.


Highly valued for its fragrant flowers, jasmine Sambac is a beloved and revered plant known for its captivating fragrance and cultural significance. It represents beauty, love, and sensuality, and its flowers have been treasured for their aroma and ornamental value for centuries.

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