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Deodorant Spray

Deodorant Spray

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Ditch the ordinary, embrace adventure with the cult-favorite Natural Spray Deodorant. This aluminum-free formula keeps you fresh all day. Long Lasting and Effective odour and sweat reduction.

This deodorant will soon become a part of your self-care ritual, a small step on the path to embracing the incredible body you have.

The Magic: Our new deodorant isn't just about fighting odor. It features a touch of silver, an element known for its purifying properties.

How to use

Effortless Application: A quick spray is all it takes for all-day confidence. No messy residue, just pure convenience.

Apply the deodorant after showering or bathing when your underarms are clean and dry.

Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin.
Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.
For external use only.


A Natural UNISEX Deodorant that's kind to your skin and the planet.

Choose Your Adventure:
Floral: Tranquility in a swipe. Lavender and Tea Tree offer a calming scent while tackling odor-causing bacteria.
Woody: Earthy and grounded. Cedarwood and Silver Pine provide a sophisticated aroma with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Citrus: Sunshine in a stick. Sweet Orange, Bergamot, and Neroli uplift your mood with a burst of invigorating citrus.

Nature's Powerhouse Ingredients:
Witch Hazel: This natural astringent minimizes sweat while keeping things comfortable.
Colloidal Silver: A warrior against odor, with its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Cedarwood: This essential oil not only smells great but also fights bacteria and tightens pores.

Our deodorant are free from:
Harsh Chemicals: We say no to aluminum and other irritants that can cause discomfort.
Artificial Fragrance: Embrace the pure, natural scents of botanical extracts.

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