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Frankincense Aura + Altar Mist

Frankincense Aura + Altar Mist

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Space: A powerful cleansing and purifying resin that has been used for centuries in spiritual and religious rituals. In aromatherapy, it's misted as an aura cleanser for grounding and well-being, or spritzed on altars for purification during prayer or meditation.

Face: Its astringent and antiseptic properties make it suitable as a face mist to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and balance oil production

How to use

1) Breathe in the calming aroma and allow the purifying energy to wash over you
2) Simply spray the mist on your altar, ritual tools, or body before your practice.
3) Enhance the experience by adding a few drops to a bowl of water and placing it on your altar

More than just a mist, Frankincense Clearing Mist is a gateway to a deeper spiritual experience. Order yours today !


The Power of Steam: Frankincense hydrosol is a by-product of the steam distillation process used to extract frankincense essential oil. While the essential oil captures the concentrated volatile compounds, the hydrosol contains the water-soluble components of the resin.

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