Switch It Up, Sis: The Tea on Natural Deodorants &  PCODS

Switch It Up, Sis: The Tea on Natural Deodorants & PCODS

✨ Let’s talk about something we swipe on daily without a second thought – our deodorant. But hold up, did you know this little stick could be stirring up drama in our PCODS world? Let’s break it down!

First off, that sneaky ingredient in many deodorants – aluminum. It’s like that guest who crashes the party and wreaks havoc.

Here’s the lowdown: Some studies suggest that aluminum may mimic estrogen in our bodies [source here]. And for us PCOS warriors, balancing our hormones is key .

When these faux-estrogens crash the scene, they can throw our already delicate hormone balance off track. Not the kind of party we want, right?

️ Plus, there’s chatter about aluminum and its link to breast cancer. Now, while the research is ongoing [source here], why not play it safe, especially when fantastic alternatives exist?

Enter the hero of our story – natural deodorants! These green warriors are all about keeping you fresh without the aluminum drama. And no, we’re not setting you up to smell like a gym bag left in the car.

Today’s natural deodorants are stepping up – think scents like coconut paradise and rose gardens. Who said natural can’t be glamorous?

Imagine, you’re strutting your stuff, waving your arms (or just hailing a cab), and your pits are in sync – smelling sweet and feeling light, with no aluminum hitchhikers.

Now, let’s talk transition. Switching to a natural deodorant might mean your body needs a hot minute to adjust.

But trust, it’s worth it. Think of it as a detox. Your body’s saying ‘Thank you, queen, for ditching the chemicals!’

✨ So here’s the move, ladies: Switching to natural deodorant is a small but manageable step towards keeping our PCOS hormones in check and our health on point. And that's where Au Naturel, loved since 2015, comes in! We offer a range of amazing natural deodorants that are kind to your body and the planet.

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